Friday, June 21, 2013

Patch Job

Monday evening I found Jenny in the kitchen reluctantly considering weather or not to discard her much loved yellow hoodie. Before going much further I really should mention a few things about this hoodie and why Jenny loves it so much. 1.) It's yellow with a fun/unique design, 2.) It's a nice weight of fabric, not too heavy but not too light, and 3.) It zips up and has two pockets in front.

I'm sure anyone who knows Jenny knows the exact hoodie I'm referring to and you are probably just as surprised as I was that she would consider getting rid of it. To credit her judgement, I must admit, it had seen its better days. Both elbows were completely worn through and other tares had begun around the sleeves. I suggested she let me try to fashion some sort of a patch job and she agreed.

So I headed to Joann Fabric and thanks to a very helpful employee, I got everything I needed to resurrect the yellow hoodie. It only took about an hour and Jenny was very please with the results.

I started by putting a piece of cardboard inside the sleeve making sure it was wide enough to stretch out the material slightly. I then ironed the wrinkled and curled fabric flat so it could receive an iron-on adhesive netting for re-enforcement and then an iron-on patch.  

After ironing on the netting and patch, I turned the sleeve inside out and put another patch on the inside to cover the exposed portions of the netting. This helped to re-enforcing the elbow and also made it so the inside of the sleeve would feel soft.

I made the patches using an iron-on adhesive and some fabric.

Here it is all finished. The yellow hoodie lives!

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