Friday, November 25, 2011

Truck Sale Follow Up

It's been a while, but I'm finally following up on our truck sales we had this past Summer. Things went well. I did find that two locations was a lot for me to manage and moving forward I will likely just stick to one spot (probably UNI). We sold a lot and it made for a very exciting week of futon-ing. See below for some pictures that will give you a pretty good idea of how everything went.

Left to right: Me, good friend Ryan Mauritz, Ryan's roomate and now my friend Will. This was the Ames crew. We got ourselves a location on one of the busier campus streets and had the good fortune of being positioned right next to the campus book store. Ryan and Will did a great job. It was really nice to have them there running things on the days I wasn't able to be in Ames.

Left to right: Brother-in-law John Sewell and sister Sara Parker. They held down the fort at UNI while I was running inventory from one place to another. This was our second year being located behind the UNI Bookstore. Sara and John also did a great job and sported some excellent Custom Futons t-shirts!

Ryan playing some tunes.

Lots and lots of futon mattresses! I literally had to stack them to the ceiling.

Sporting some Panther pride.

More mattresses.

My father-in-law Gary helped me prepare all of the pine frames. These too were stacked to the ceiling.

Here I am all loaded up and ready to go!!! This was one of two rigs that was loaded. Each a full-size van pulling a 6 x 12 enclosed trailer full of futons!!!

We did a pretty darn good job getting rid of stuff. I came home with some inventory, but each location did more than well enough to pay staff, cover expenses and end up with black ink at the end of the day. So all and all, a successful trip.