Thursday, February 6, 2014

Two Onion Farm CSA

Last year our business hosted a pick-up site for Two Onion Farm, a CSA located in Belmont, WI. The first time I heard "CSA" I was like, uh... what's that?!? So, just encase you are in the dark on this like I was, CSA stand for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a concept that promotes purchasing food directly from the farmers that produce it.

Meet the McGuire family, owners of Two Onion Farm!

From what I understand, no two CSAs are exactly alike but most follow the same concept. In advance, their customers (aka members) purchase a share of the farm's yield for the coming season. Then as the farmers harvest, food is dropped off at a local site for members to pick up. This was all new to me when we agreed to host a pick-up site for Two Onion Farm. I must say, it has been fun and exciting to see this method in action. I've had the chance to meet most of the members and Two Onion even gives us vegetables in return for hosting.

I have really enjoyed being involved with this CSA. It supports local economy, promotes healthy food choices and means we get to eat food that is fresh and in season. It has pushed me to try new recipes and be more open minded about what I eat. It has also caused me to think more about where my food comes from. We've really enjoyed participating and agreed to host again in 2014. Can't wait for those boxes of veggies to start showing up!