Our Small Business

In May of 2006 I opened Custom Futons, a specialty futon store located in Dubuque, Ia. Jenny and I own and operate this specialty futon shop and feel very fortunate for the opportunity to be small business owners. We have received help from various friends and family over the years while establishing our business in Dubuque. Below are some pictures of the start up and a link to an article that printed in the Telegraph Herald.

Stay current with our store using any of the following:

Here is a sign that Jenny and her sister Kelly made before we even had any inventory in the store.

This is my Dad and Grandpa working on building a futon making table. We make our own mattresses at Custom Futons which is one of the biggest ways we differentiate from the competition.

My cousin Trevor helped out with putting some finishing touches on my futon making table.

My friend Tom helped me tare up this AWFUL carpet. He remained with me until 3am when the last section was torn up. Carpet layers were scheduled to arrive the next morning at 8am.

My sister Sara and our friend Ryan Fordice lent a helping had with painting.

My brother-in-law Ben was a true life saver in the beginning. Without him I would have never had time off. Here he is making mattresses for the showroom.

Here is my Dad making a mattress! He helps me with recording / interpreting the monthly financial statements and also covers store hours occasionally.


More to come!