Friday, April 19, 2013

Organic Mattresses Explained

Since opening in 2006, I've noticed we are occasionally contacted by out-of-towners who have found my website in search of a "custom size futon". It's really interesting to hear about all of the different reasons people have decided they need a custom size futon mattress. Everything from special made porch swings to window seats, lofts, built in bunks, and a surprising number of pet-owners inquiring about pet beds! This year I finally addressed this demand and created a way for people to order custom size mattresses I can ship anywhere in the US. So far it has been really encouraging to see the results this hard work has produced. I have been selling mattresses to people in Arizona, Maryland, Minnesota, Ohio etc.

Just for fun, here is a picture of one customer's custom size mattress she ordered for her dog, Cury. She gave me permission to share this picture.

It really is humerus to me how the inherent nature of the futon product lends itself so well to out-of-the-box thinkers. This keeps my work life very interesting. Right when I think I've seen it all, I'll get blindsided by someone who wants something totally bogus like a corn husk futon mattress. Seriously? Corn husks? It just goes to show you there are some interesting people out there and I have a lot of fun talking to them. One time a customer called me and asked,  "You guys got refrigerators?" I said, "Uh sir, this is Custom Futons, we sell futons" he replied, "so no refrigerators then?" After a final re-assurance that I was standing in our showroom and there were indeed no refrigerators to be seen he succumbed to the fact that he was on the phone with a specialty futon store.      

In all seriousness though, one custom request I have been getting more and more of is for "Natural" or "Organic" mattresses. This has caused me to put a lot of effort into assessing the importance of offering such a product and more importantly pushed me to understand what an organic mattress really is. So I created an FAQ to help my customers better understand organic labeling and explain how mattresses in general, and the mattresses I provide specifically, fall into or out of that labeling. I've found this to be a VERY complicated topic, but with the EPA announcing this year that they will be investigating the health and environmental effects of several flame retardants known to cause cancer and birth defects, complicated or not, it is a topic that deserves attention.

So if you are interested, you can read my Organic Mattress FAQ. It has linked resources and should be helpful in clearing up most questions people might have about organic mattresses. Please read it and take it into consideration the next time you purchase a mattress.


  1. When your day is winding down and all you can think about is hitting the sack, do you consider what you are sleeping on or in? Most of us usually look only for comfort in a mattress, soft sheets, warm blankets and matching decor. Most people do not lay in bed and wonder what chemicals they will be inhaling all night. Organic mattresses are becoming more popular with the knowledge of major side effects from chemicals put in synthetic organic mattresses